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The things that excite you are not random.

They are connected to your purpose.

Follow them.

Life is all about experiences

In 2019 we purchased our first RV, a 2016 Newmar Baystar 3124, to dramatically change our lives, have amazing experiences and do what fulfills us. We want to travel. We want to have experiences, not stuff and we want to do it while we still can.

Our journey to full-time RVing has been everything from terrifying, to freeing to stressful and exhilarating! Sometimes all of these emotions are experienced at the same time, but nothing can stop us – we are two of the most goal oriented people you can meet.

Over the last few years, we’ve learned:

• Life is short and you only get one.
• Happiness over material items quickly fades.
• Experiences define your purpose and passions.
• Moments are more memorable.
• Experiences introduce you to a whole new world.
• If you’re unhappy with your surroundings, move, you’re not a tree.
• Fear of change keeps you from transforming your life.
• There’s no better time, than the present.

We’re not sure where the road will take us, but we are excited to share our experiences with you!

Our Experiences

Where in the world?

We have been to some amazing destinations. We’ve explored cities, mountains, museums, historical places, beaches and so much more. We are excited to keep checking things off our bucket list.

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