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Dec 31st, 2019 - January 2nd, 2020

New Years - Our First Trip

Our first trip was to the Everglades. We decided to dry camp at Monument Lake Campground, which is a campsite that’s part of the Big Cypress National Preserve.

I booked the trip on as a last minute thing – remember, we just bought our RV on December 19th!

We arrived December 31st, 2019 with plans to stay through the New Year. While this was our first trip, it was also our first boondocking experience.

As RV newbies, we decided not to pull our car and just stay put at the campground. We didn’t miss the car one bit. Although, if we had it we probably would have ventured off to do an airboat tour, or spent money some other way – so it was probably the best decision for not only our first trip, but also for our budget!

Personally, I (Maureen) had never been dry camping, except for a couple of backpacking/tent camping trips. How hard could it be?!

We had an awesome couple of nights in the park. The camp hosts were friendly and informative. The lake, which was just feet away from our front door, enabled us to watch the gators swim by and enjoy a gorgeous sunset.

This was the most peaceful New Years Eve we had ever spent. No fireworks, no loud parties, just nature, the stars and the sound of our 20-lb dog snoring.

It definitely was the perfect way to spend New Years Eve.

Monument Lake Video



Favorite Memories

Gorgeous sunsets, a few alligators and a lot of peace and quiet.

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